Our values and Purposes

The “Products Register of Armenia” develops and implements mechanisms to promote domestic products, mechanisms of online ordering systems and the possibility of exports of goods.

The principle of full responsibility ensures the best interests of clients.

Effectiveness and result
The work of our company is directed to achieve the concrete purposes - full capacity, development of our company and business of our clients.

Customer focus
We appreciate our customers and solution of their specific tasks.
Mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners, the principle of long-term reliability.

The most modern technology acceptance, constant development of all aspects of our business and customer relationships.

We are open to cooperation
Our work is completely open and transparent. We cooperate and interact both inside the company and outside it.

Our purpose to create a unified platform "Electronic Catalogue of Products" for the effective operation of the chain:


Using the latest developments in the field of information technology to provide direct contact between participants of trade and industrial relations, to create a reliable, easy-to-use tool for the efficient development of our clients' business and the successful implementation of projects and profit.

The catalogue is based on these principles - convenience, reliability, openness and transparency, efficiency, opportunity of business development and profit.