To Manufacturers«Electronic Catalogue of Products» enables manufacturers, importers and exporters to submit the products in the international market best.

This is a unique opportunity to acquaint your partners and customers with the qualitative characteristics of the goods, the terms of implementation and results of the offered services. This is a serious business tool for the development of their enterprise, marketing purposes.

This is a great opportunity to establish new business contacts directly with suppliers of raw materials, as well as with companies implementing products. As a consequence, market expansion and profit growth.

You can enhance your company image, increase awareness for your brand, provide important company and product information to your customers, and, in return, gather valuable customer data to improve your offerings and fine tune your marketing activities as you venture beyond the wholesale space.

In short: With an «Electronic Catalogue of Products», you can boost your branding and your bottom line, regardless of whether visitors end up buying directly from you or from a third-party, independent retailer.